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Teen Leadership Program

SHAI's Teen Leadership Program is a youth summer camp that was initiated during the summer of 2013 with two dozen participants. The program is designed for use by thirteen and fourteen year olds as a fun and educational summer program based in Great Neck NY. The Teen Leadership Program’s main focus is for our teens to come together to learn about their heritage, to give back through community service, and to develop their leadership skills. Activities include leadership classes with Rabbi Levy, Krav Maga self defense classes, paint-balling, rock climbing, sports tournaments, water parks, and trips to Adventure Land and The Long Island Holocaust Museum. They also visit the Great Neck Senior Center to spend time with the elders of our community.

Directed and organized by Rabbi Yamin Levy, this program operates from within Beth Hadassah Synagogue’s summer camp.  For six weeks during the summer months, the camp participants learn the values of community and charitable work while enjoying fun and interesting activities.
Teens who complete the Teen Leadership Program over the summer are then given the opportunity to attend weekly classes with Rabbi Levy during the school year.   The following summer they have the chance to participate in a three week trip to Israel. In 2015, twelve graduates from the 2014 CIT program participated in the Teen Israel Trip.
During the summer of 2015, due to the overwhelming demand, SHAI doubled the size of the camp participants from 25 to 50 youngsters. With the tight bonds and close relationships that are formed through the Teen Leadership Program, the teens of our community are able to develop strong leadership skills while learning and also having fun!



Teen Leadership Program 2017 - Week 3


Teen Leadership Camp 2017 - Week 2


Teen Leadership Program