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About Us

SHAI is a dynamic and multi-faceted organization, counting 1,000 families amongst its members.

Since its inception in 1992, SHAI has organized diverse events and programs geared towards keeping the family and the Persian-Jewish community together. SHAI's avowed goal is to meet the evolving needs of the Persian-Jewish community, across generational lines, while promoting our conservative values, traditions, and Sephardic heritage. We are here to serve every age group, but our main focus is on the future of our children and our hopes that they will reach their full potential.

SHAI has reached out and developed partnerships with local schools, synagogues, Jewish organizations, and local governments. The SHAI name is met with respect and recognition by both Persians and Americans, as a non-profit group that has a strong and influential voice.

Our commitment to the ideal of education has caused us to promote a number of academic incentive programs. We are also extremely proud of our very successful Education Scholarship Fund, in its 12th year. Our very successful and expanding joint venture with the Great Neck Senior Center is in its third year. We have upcoming events and programs throughout the calendar year. The success of our programs depend on your continued support and involvement.